SSDI Military Families Resources

SS Dixon Intermediate is committed to supporting and understanding the unique circumstances and challenges that military families may encounter when they receive orders to relocate. We recognize that frequent moves can disrupt a student's educational journey and impact their social and emotional well-being. Our school is dedicated to providing a smooth transition by offering personalized academic support, counseling services, and extracurricular activities that help students feel connected and engaged.

SS Dixon Intermediate takes pride in honoring the sacrifices and dedication of our military families. We are committed to ensuring that every student receives a quality education, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Transition Planning & Help

Transition planning/help for Navy, Coast Guard, & Marines:

Navy School Liaison Officer:

Dawn Kaunike

Phone: 850-665-6105


Site: Whiting Field School Liaison Officer

Transition planning/help for Air Force and Army:

Air Force Liaison Officer:

Lacey Allen 

Phone: 850-884-6829, (DSN) 579-6829



Online Resources

More assistance can also be found on our district webpage:

Military Families - Santa Rosa County District Schools.

Military Family Events
April is Month of the Military Child

Be on the lookout for upcoming, schoolwide, military family events.